Corporate Matching Gift Program

Check if your employer has a corporate matching program. We encourage you to request the appropriate form from your company’s Human Resources Office. Once duly completed and signed, you can send the form by email to You will receive a confirmation email from our behalf.

Payroll Deduction

Anyone who is a teaching or non-teaching employee of the University of Puerto Rico and wishes to make a donation to be distributed monthly can do so through a payroll deduction. The contribution can be $5.00 or more deducted biweekly from your payroll. You may adjust the amount or terminate the payroll deduction at any time. To register, you must fill in UPR Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization for Donations Campaign (Descuento de Nómina Campaña Donativos Empleados UPR) form, and send it to the Office of Development and Alumni at the Río Piedras Campus. Plaza Universitaria 6 Avenida Universidad, STE 601 San Juan, Puerto Rico To obtain more information, you can send an email to:

Testamentary Legacy

Another way of donating to the University of Puerto Rico is through a testamentary bequest, thus expressing the wish that the memory of one’s generosity be maintained for generations to come. You can consult with your attorney and request that the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, is to receive a designated amount of money (inheritance) or any particular asset that you wish. Donors also have the option to designate the University as a remainder beneficiary of their property upon payment of bequests to others.

Life Insurance

You can make a life insurance donation by identifying the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, as the sole owner and recipient of the insurance policy.

Real Estate, Shares, Stocks, and Tangible Assets

Real estate, stocks, shares, and personal tangible properties donations can generate significant tax benefits to donors. Your gift is 100% deductible from your income tax return.

Consult with your financial advisor about the tax exemption of your gift.

For more information on how to give to the University of Puerto Rico Aid Fund, please contact the Vice President of Philanthropy of the University of Puerto Rico by email at or call 787-282-6237.